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I’m only posting this because there’s probably a fair number of people who don’t read the Herald every day, and I don’t think the Globe picked it up (because it’s not April Fool’s Day?).

A dramatic land swap giving Boston a new aquarium, moving City Hall to the waterfront and opening up a prime downtown development site is being pitched by a leading South Boston pol as a “win-win” Hub makeover.

Under the bold plan detailed to the Herald by state Sen. Jack Hart, a new City Hall would be built on the current aquarium site on Central Wharf. The four-decade-old aquarium would relocate to a new facility on the Southie waterfront. City Hall Plaza would then become Boston’s hottest property open for development.

I just don’t have the energy to list all the reasons this is an insane idea.

If by chance you are one of the three people who think it’s a good idea … leave a comment!

Source: Pol floats fishy deal for City Hall – By David Wedge, The Boston Herald

Also: Aquarium plan makes splash with Southie pols – By David Wedge, The Boston Herald

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