The internet is a powerful tool for those interested in real estate aside from providing useful information to buyers and sellers.  It may start to change the way we do business and this is a good thing.  Today I got a call from a buyer.  It was a telephone interview as this buyer was not just asking me about properties he had seen online. He questioned me on references, recent sales ect.

This buyer figured out that for him, he did not want to be involved in a dual agency situation when he finds a property he wants to buy.  He wants his own agent and he wants access to information about the Boston condo market and the comparables and all the things he needs to know, he wants a buyers agent to represent him not the seller. Numerous states across the country have now outlawed dual agency but this is still permitted in the great state of Massachusetts. I know I’m going to get a lot slack for stating this but I do not believe it’s in the best interests of either the buyer or seller when an agent works as a dual agent, and I would like to see it outlawed.  The agent is in a tug of war between the buyer and seller and walks a very narrow line of what they can say and to who. How does this benefit anybody? What do you think? Am I off base on this one?

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