Something you may not of thought about….Check utilities and cell service on the Boston condo for sale you want to buy

Check Your Cell Phone Service

Unless you’re one of the few people that still relies solely on a landline, you may want to see if you get service while in the Boston condo for sale you want to buy.. There’s nothing worse than dealing with dropped calls, slow internet speed and poor call quality, especially if you don’t plan on carrying home phone service. Cell phone signals depend on the provider, proximity to towers, nearby obstructions, weather and current network volume; so there are multiple factors that could reduce your signal strength. Just make sure the home you’re buying isn’t located in a “dead zone”, where you just can’t get service.

Go ahead and check your signal during the Boston condo for sale home inspection, since you’ll have more time to test things out. You can go from room to room in the Boston condominium and see how many “bars” your phone gets. You may need to spend a minute or two in each room so the signal can stabilize, giving you a more accurate reading. If the signal seems low, try placing a call to someone on a landline and see if your call cuts out. You can also run an internet speed test to see what speeds you’re getting. If your friends or family use different providers, have them see what coverage they get in the home, as well.

Verify Utilities & Get Estimated Usage

It’s good to know which utility providers service the Boston condo for sale you want to buy, and get an estimate of what the current owner is paying. Maybe you need high speed internet for business or streaming movies, but it’s unavailable. If the Boston condo for sale, you may want to see check the electric service bills. If you’re moving from a small apartment to a larger home, you might be surprised how much it can cost to heat/cool a home during the months with extreme temperatures, especially id the Boston condo for sale has electric heat.

Most utility companies (like electric) are willing to provide a monthly average, to give you an idea of the cost. However, this can vary widely by homeowner usage habits, so keep that in mind when checking your costs