Ron Druker is proposing a new building for the corner of Boylston and Arlington streets, in Boston’s Back Bay.

According to the Globe:

Developer Ronald Druker is planning a new office and retail complex for the site of the Shreve, Crump & Low building at Boylston and Arlington streets in the Back Bay, a sentimental favorite that some Bostonians want to preserve.

Druker wants to tear down the 103-year-old Shreve building on the corner and three others he owns on Boylston Street, including the Women’s Educational and Industrial Union building. He would replace them with “a landmark for the next century or beyond,” he said yesterday.

This sounds like a great idea. Not sure if neighbors are going to go for it, but, really, this is a “dead” end of the Back Bay … a block on, you have the Heritage on the Garden and the Four Seasons, but right there, you have nothing but the Shreve’s building (now empty) and a couple lame stores (isn’t the Tweeter store closing / closed as well?).

It would bring vibrancy to an otherwise dormant corner.

Well, dormant except for aggressive panhandlers bothering motorists on Arlington Street, and the ice cream truck parked at the corner for nine months of the year …

( ** Although the building in which Shreve’s was located may be 103 years old, Shreve’s was not a tenant there for the entire time; it moved from elsewhere in 1929. I can’t find the details on this, but if you do a search on the internet, maybe you can find it …)

Shreve building’s days may be numbered – By Thomas C. Palmer Jr., The Boston Globe

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