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The neighborhood now known as South Boston was a remote Peninsula connected to the it was founded in 1630 as part Dorchester and most the land was used for farming then the parts of people settled in the area now referred to as Southie and named the area Mattapan bu they later died from diseases cause from the European traders in 1600s the first group of Europeans to settle here
were Puritans who renamed the place Dorchester after a town in England.

Boston Irish Invasion

In the late 1800s the Irish worked their way up through society to achieve high positions in business and politics the residents held to elect Irish politicians who challenged the political dominance a partisan elite On January 13 1914 James Michael Curley was elected to
his first term as mayor of Boston and Curlies lengthy political career spending 50 years in and out of elective office he would run for mayor 10 times and be successful in four of those contests in 1947 during his last mayoral term he was convicted for a second time
on federal charges of official misconduct and he spent five months in jail he was a prominent Irish politician within South Boston who set a precedent for other Irish Catholic politicians to follow most of the Irish officials use their influence to create jobs and
South Boston Real Estate for Sale

South Boston Real Estate for Sale

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Boston downtown real estate for sale in South Boston

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