Or, the next best thing.

Inman News has a snippet of a story about how some sellers are hiring actors to pose as happy families during open houses. The actors and actresses socialize with prospective buyers, and even bake cakes, sharing slices with open houses attendees.

Well, that sounds a bit deceptive.

However, I know what does work. I’ve visited several open houses, both as an agent and as a prospective buyer, where I acted like an interested buyer. I noticed that other prospective buyers got very interested in the properties once I started saying positive things, such as saying to the open house agent, “ooh, these windows are so big – I bet it gets lots of light in here,” or, “I bet I could fit both a bureau and a queen-sized bed in here,” or, “I think this one will go fast!”

Lots of times, people form their opinions based on what others say, even complete strangers.

Kind of weird, but it’s true.

More information: New idea for house showings: staged happy family – Inman News blog

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Updated: January 2018

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