Faced with overwhelming opposition to its plans, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, through its Department of Conservation of Recreation, has decided to postpone a complete renovation of a rapidly decaying tunnel on the Storrow Drive parkway.

From the Globe:

Officials at the Department of Conservation and Recreation, less than a week after announcing they had postponed plans to rebuild the decaying Storrow Drive Tunnel, said yesterday that the agency will spend $6.8 million on interim repairs.

The tunnel repairs will begin early in 2008 and continue for up to nine months. The repairs will replace deteriorated concrete in the roof and walls and waterproof roof joints to prevent leaks.

This is the worst, worst idea.

The previously announced renovation/repairs weren’t going to begin until 2010, which is three years’ too long, but at least we would have been relieved to know the problem was being addressed.

By not even making plans, it means the eventual construction won’t even begin until 2011, or later.

Delaying the necessary renovation doesn’t solve the problem nor does it make anyone happy!

I’d also hazard a guess that it’s going to end up costing a lot more money to make repairs now and then make repairs again or replace the tunnel, in three years. Right?

We need strong leadership on this, now.

More: Storrow Tunnel to undergo repairs – By David Abel, The Boston Globe

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