Tom Grillo of Banker & Tradesman has a great interview this week with Back Bay State Representative Marty Walz.

Attend any community meeting in Boston’s downtown neighborhoods and you’ll find state Rep. Martha M. Walz somewhere in the room …

Just about anytime you read about her, Ms Walz is commenting about how she dislikes this development or is totally against that project, etc., etc., etc.

Except, she doesn’t see it that way.

In fact, she thinks she has supported some pretty big projects over time, either totally or with reservations.

So, now, on record, here’s what she thinks:

* The Clarendon, 131 Clarendon: says she supported the height, completely (it’s not 9-stories, as stated by Mr Grillo; it will be 32-stories, based on the public record);
* Suffolk University, 20 Somerset: opposed turning it into a high-rise tower dormitory, did not oppose using it as an academic building;
* Columbus Center, Mass Turnpike: does not oppose project, only opposes public financing;
* 888 Boylston St: favors approved 11-stories, not the proposed 19-stories;

and, most stunning:

* Avalon Bay, Exeter Street: “I don’t have a point of view on that one.

‘Tis true, when quoted on the Exeter Street building, she seemed more unhappy with the architectural design than the height or location of the building.

I’m skeptical that Ms Walz is as “pro-development” as she professes. I dunno.

Source: State Representative Opposes Claims She Opposes Everything – By Thomas Grillo, Banker & Tradesman



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