The Herald’s movie critic looks back on really bad decisions by the Motion Pictures Academy when handing out Oscars. He’s got a load of them.

We can’t make up our minds which was the worst injustice: ‘Ordinary People’ beating out ‘Raging Bull’ for Best Picture or ‘Dances with Wolves’ beating out ‘Goodfellas.’ (Not that Dances with Wolves is all that bad. But ‘Goodfellas’ is such a recognized classic today.)

The worst Best Picture of all time: ‘Shakespeare in Love,’ a true formula movie slapped together with all the standard pompous ingredients — thick English accents, lush period wardrobes, stock characters and lines, and, to give it alleged intellectual gravitas, Shakespeare himself! (And he gets the girl, too.) Is there anyone out there today who regularly and seriously talks of ‘Shakespeare in Love’ as being one of Hollywood’s finest moments?

Anyway, that’s our rant for the day. Back to regular real-estate posts tomorrow, or maybe after this school-vacation week.

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