Beacon Hill real estate

Beacon Hill real estate

Big news for Beacon Hill: Suffolk University is only confirming that it plans to sell the Fenton building at the corner of Derne and Hancock streets on Beacon Hill, as part of its overall consolidation of its properties in the neighborhood.

But Stephen Young, of the Beacon Hill Civic Association, says that Suffolk has told his group that the university also plans to sell the Frank J. Donahue Building at 41 Temple St., the Ridgeway Building at 148 Cambridge St. and the Archer Building at 20 Derne St.

The BBJ quotes Young as saying: “As these buildings sell, the civic association neighborhood would like to see them used as a K-12 school, senior housing for Beacon Hill residents and condominiums big enough to accommodate for families.”

This could all lead to big – and very welcome – changes on that side of Beacon Hill. Pictured above, the Fenton building alone is more than 47,000 square feet and has been assessed by the city at $9 million.

Fenton building photo via Google maps.



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