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With the Boston real estate industry continuing to embrace technology, the usefulness of traditions that many used to consider vital to the industry is being questioned. From live videos to virtual and recorded tours, the Covid-19 pandemic is speeding up the adoption of digital solutions. With distance becoming less of a barrier, potential buyers now have more options than ever before.

How will this impact Real Estate Open Houses

In the shift to a more technologically minded industry, some professionals might wonder if open houses are still a necessary part of the process, especially with social distancing still in place.

1. Open Houses Are Still Preferred

Boston Seaport condo for sale open houses are not dead, but they are becoming safer than ever. While agent use of live and recorded video technology has taken a huge leap forward, for some sellers a safe open house (with masks required and visitors limited) is still the preferred method .

2. Open Houses Convey Everything

Here in the downtown Boston real estate market, we find we must do both. Virtual tours are critical because our buyers are sometimes long distance and start their home search online well in advance of a visit, but we find we must still provide either a real open house.

3. Open Houses Humanize Housing

Boston Seaport condo open houses are valuable, but during the pandemic they are not the safest thing to do. I do believe both are important during normal times. However, when not available, an agent should become the person that would be looking at the home and living there. They have to become the buyer and transmit the emotions as housing is very emotional. 

4. The Open House Experience Is Irreplaceable

Boston Midtown condo open houses are still relevant, regardless of how good videos, VR and 360-degree photography get. Nothing beats walking through the home or property. These technologies will always leave out the noise you might hear from a busy road or the lack of sun the property gets. A picture might be worth a thousand words, but smell, noise and how the property feels once you walk through it is irreplaceable.

5. Open Houses Help Boston Condos Buyers See Before Purchasing

I don’t think there will ever be a day when a consumer doesn’t see the Beacon Hill condo for sale in person before they purchase it. While sales do happen sight unseen, generally it’s the result of discounted pricing or a distressed sale.

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