I just spoke with two of my agents regarding their open houses yesterday. Linda Mitrano, conducted an open house at 6 Goodwin Place #1 located in Beacon Hill. Linda informed me she was very happy with the outcome, approx 8-10 people showed up. (studio asking price $299,900).

Lawrance Connnor, another one of my brokers, did an open house at 1 Strong Place which is a three bedroom townhouse located in Beacon Hill, asking price $1.3 million. Lawrance informed he didn’t have as many people at his open house as Linda but two couples showed enormous interest.

We also had an open house in the Fenway area, which is a two bedroom located on Beacon Street for $440,000.00, the broker had about 10 -12 attendees.

Overall very good Sunday.

Did you attend an open house, if so please share your thoughts?