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I get it. Yes, you’ve probably become increasingly self-sufficient in many ways during this COVID-19 outbreak. But be careful you don’t get so confident that you attempt these inadvisable, or even dangerous, things that you should leave to the professionals when it comes to making repairs to your Boston condo.

Leave these Boston Condo projects to the pros

The coronavirus quarantine has many of us becoming at least somewhat more self-sufficient. As many of us are confined to our downtown Boston condos, unable to go out for basic services that we used to rely on, we’ve started to wonder…how hard could that be? But here are some things, at least from my experience, you’ll want to stay away from trying yourself. A lot of these people are professionals for a reason, and there are quite a few things, Boston condo maintenance tasks, that you shouldn’t attempt on your own. If you do try it? It might be an experience we’ll never take for granted again.

Certain Boston Condo remodeling projects

In all honesty, by “certain,” I mean “all.” Sure, with all this extra time it may be tempting to tackle a home improvement project. Or maybe you’re just getting sick of staring at the same kitchen configuration day after day after day. But still, while there are plenty of home projects that are safe like painting, anything more ambitious than that—something that you might ordinarily call in a professional for—should wait.

Boston Condo Plumbing tasks

From toilet paper woes to the fear that COVID-19 can be transported by toilets and what goes into them, the day-to-day goings-on of toilets and bathrooms are experiencing an upheaval. Yet the norms aren’t so wacky that you should be undertaking DIY plumbing tasks. “Plumbing systems are [an] area in which maintenance work should, most times, be handled by licensed professionals (your Boston condo building board will thank you), no matter how easy certain fix-it tasks might appear in a DIY plumbing advice manual, Okay, perhaps changing a toilet seat wouldn’t be so bad.

Boston Condo Repairing electrical fittings

Safety alert! Attempting to do electrical repair work is always risky, but you certainly shouldn’t attempt it during a quarantine, when help could be hard to come by if something were to go wrong. And it probably will.  I would advise you to not try and repair any of the electrical fittings in your Beacon Hill condo unless you are trained at that sort of a thing, Please also note. trying to do electrical repairs could range from violating Boston condo building regs., to MA electrical code violations and even causing a fire.

Boston Real Estate and the Bottom Line

When it comes to maintenance for a Boston condo. Stick with the basics:

Take out pizza and beer are my essentials to the maintenance of Quarantine life! – John Ford

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