Yesterday, I was concerned about the local Boston real estate sales market. Today, I see signs of good news ahead. However, I still haven’t read the full report yet.

CNBC posted the click bait above, which is shocking because they are usually so negative about real estate – then published the key points below:

Boston real estate

Boston real estate

Mortgage rates dropped back into the threes at the end of May, yet the national index didn’t change between June and July. Usually, every other time buyers could get a mortgage rate that started with a 3, they’ve come running.  But not this time – home prices are stalled year-over-year.

But never fear, our head cheerleader won’t let that get in the way:

Lawrence Yun, NAR’s chief economist said, “As expected, buyers are finding it hard to resist the current rates,” he said. “The desire to take advantage of these promising conditions is leading more buyers to the market.”

Source: Case Shiller Report

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