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In the time it takes you to read this sentence, an online user has already formed an impression of a listing. The data shows that online users take less than two-tenths of a second to form a first impression.

“The real estate industry was already a digital world, but the pandemic accelerated a sea-change where online appeal is the new curb appeal,” said Nir Betan, Chief Strategy Officer at Studeo. “And it happens faster than you can imagine.”

Whether you’re talking about attracting buyers to your listings or sellers to your landing pages, what agents show prospects in those first precious few seconds of their experience online solidifies their expectations and immediately establishes your value.

“But looking at what most brokers and agents put out online, what do we actually see?” asks Betan. “Endless identical virtual tours, single property websites, videos, 3D tours, social media posts and listing data clutters what most agents show their audiences. Isn’t real estate supposed to be all about lifestyle, the emotional aspects of a home, and its community experience?”

If someone is interested in the images of your Beacon Hill condo, they want to read more about the property. Sadly, it is all too common for downtown Boston real estate agents to miss this opportunity to help sell the home.

In this Boston real estate blog post we’ll review key points on written descriptions on Boston condos for sale.

Beacon Hill Condos for Sale

Ford Realty Inc., Charles Street, Beacon Hill

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Boston Condos Picture Perfect

The photographs are the most noticeable thing about the listing, and they need to be done well. If you have bad photographs your listing will not attract the people it should, missing opportunities to pull in buyers.

Once the photographs have brought people to your listing, the description has to play its part to help them make an inquiry. Even with great photos, a bad description can put off potential Boston Seaport condo buyers. 

Describe the Best Features the Home has to Offer

Back Bay unique features that make it stand out from the competition, need to be clearly emphasized in the listing. Potential Boston Back Bay condo buyers need to understand why this is the condominium that they should focus on over similar properties.

Boston Condos for Sale & High-Quality Appliances 

If the Boston Seaport condo for sale has high quality appliances that are well-known quality  these need to be mentioned. This is particularly important for a Boston luxury condos for sale. 

The kitchen, perhaps the most important rooms for many Boston real estate buyers, thus, it should be mentioned if it has quality appliances. 

Including all Boston Condominium the Upgrades

If you have spent money on your Boston downtown condo in the last few years, these upgrades should be mentioned to buyers. If you have replaced the roof or the windows, this will appeal to prospective purchasers.

Boston Real Estate and the Bottom Line

If the Boston condo for sale is in a good neighborhood, this should also make up part of the description. 

A listing description doesn’t need to be too long, less than 300 words could be fine. While buyers want to read more about the property, they don’t want to read a huge amount of text.

Therefore, if possible the downtown Boston condo for sale can tell a story this can help tremendously. We all love stories.

Boston real estate search



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