Boston Real Estate for Sale

The nephew of the late Sen. Ted Kennedy is under fire for his $50 million “condomininum village” just south of Magoun Square in Somerville.

Neighbors say he isn’t living up to development promises. The city of Somerville says he’s abiding by all agreements.

But the real long-term story here is that Stephen E. Smith Jr. is among the early developers trying to take advantage of the proposed Green Line extension.

The proposed 199 condos would be right next to the planned “Lowell Street T” stop in Somerville. Not a bad place for future residents and commuters — and property owners.

The T’s extension map shows planned nearby stations in Ball Square and along College Avenue next to Tufts University.

The question is: Will the extension ever happen? The MBTA is debt-ridden these days. Where’s the money going to come from for an opening by 2014?

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