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The Modern gets sexy

The Modern gets sexy

Color me surprised.

I opened Boston Homes last week, and what do I see, but a man and woman in various states of undress, making out on a shiny, granite countertop.

Yes, of course, it was an advertisement for a new condo development!

The Modern

I’m all for it, in this case, at least.

That’s the target market that the developers should be focused on. Young (sorry), urban professionals.

Horny professionals, apparently.

I believe there are seven or eight units still available at The Modern, and there is an open house tomorrow, September 23, from 11:00 – 12:30.

Tell them I sent you!

( ** To clarify, the photo above is not the one they ran last week in the paper; yes, I realize the photo above shows fully clothed people.)

( ** Question to the developer: when’s the ad with the two guys running?)

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