From last week’s Boston Herald:

A wave of condo conversions is wiping out the North End’s mom-and-pop cafes and homey convenience stores, sparking a revolt in the tightly knit neighborhood.

I must respectfully disagree. Condo conversions are not wiping out the mom-and-pop cafes and convenience stores.

Those stores are closing, and, then, developers are coming in, with plans to rebuild on the sites.

If you haven’t been to the North End, you might read the Herald article and think, oh, those greedy developers, at it again!

Not true.

The first property they mention, the Prince Pantry, was not a very nice or clean store. And, in fact, as the Herald article points out, the owner attempted to find someone to continue renting it out as a convenience store, but there were no takers. That’s why he looked to change it into condos.

The second property they mention is the Different Drummer. At least four places have been in that retail space, since 1997. I lived in the North End for four years, and it was constantly opening, then closing, then reopening under a new name. And, it was never open, when it was occupied.

The other shops that closed included two butcher shops. Butcher shops aren’t too popular today, in most cities.

It may be that these stores outlived their usefulness, and that’s why they closed.

Complete story: North Enders blast condo plan – By Scott Van Voorhis, The Boston Herald

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Updated: January 2018

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