What, oh what, to do with all your extra cash?

Well, some people turn to real estate, and buy themselves a second home.

And then, a third.

Apparently, this is more common than you might imagine, according to a recent article in The New York Times.

What are the benefits?  Oh, I’m sure you can think of some – having somewhere different to spend summer, spring and fall, each year, for example.  (Winter? I suggest the QE2 World Cruise.)

There are some drawbacks, however.  Some terrible, terrible, drawbacks, as one tri-home owner found out.

“Sometimes I just lose it when I go to get dressed for work, and a shirt I want to wear is in another house,” Mr. Rodriguez said.

I know, doesn’t that just suck?

Complete article: Vacation Homes: The Third Home Comes Within Reach – by Melinda Blau, The New York Times

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Updated: January 2018



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