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Thoughts on Boston condo for sale offers

Are Boston condos for sale Offer dates becoming a thing of the past? Typically a way to corral multiple offers on a Boston condo for sale, these deadlines have traditionally been a great way to give Boston condo sellers as much leverage as possible with respect to countering buyers and driving up the price.

Boston condo for sale offers

But Boston condo agents are increasingly encouraging buyer agents to simply submit strong offers prior to any sort of offer date. Finally, the Boston condo for sale Inventory is growing. Rising interest rates are rising and the slower summer market is adding up to a situation where there is no landslide of Boston condo buyer interest.

Counting on an offer date and multiple offers is not something a seller should be doing this summer. If a buyer transpires who submits a clean offer at an acceptable price, a seller should seriously consider taking that offer.

Boston condos for sale

Some Boston condos for sale are moving more quickly than others, going into a contract only a few days after hitting the market. Buyers looking to beat the competition on properties that check all the boxes and are in good locations should be prepared to move quickly and not wait around for an offer date.

Boston condos for sale

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