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If you’ve never decorated the outside of a house or a self managed Boston condo building before, the prospect of climbing a ladder can seem like a daunting proposition. But with a little strategy and planning, your single-home or downtown Boston condo building could be the shining jewel of the block.

You don’t have to light up your entire property to make a statement. Instead, choose a focal point, and make it shine. Perhaps it’s just your front door. 

Know where your property outlets are located

If you’re planning to go big, sketch out your vision ahead of time so you can buy all the lighting and garlands you need before you climb the ladder. Figure out what power sources you’ll be using — and how the decorations will reach those outlets. 

There are two main types of bulbs — LEDs and incandescents. LEDs tend to give off a cooler light, incandescents a warmer one. Choose one option and stick with it because otherwise, the contrast between warm and cool lights can feel jarring. (LEDs tend to be more expensive upfront, but use less electricity over time.)

Christmas lights look nice at night. But people can still see your downtown Boston property in the daytime and it shouldn’t look like an eyesore. Cut tags off the cords before you hang the lights and decorations. Wrap lights in garland to hide the wires. Tuck extension cords along the ground beneath mulch or evergreen branches.

Downtown Boston Real Estate and the Bottom Line

The main thing to remember when decorating your downtown Boston property is to be cautious at all time. And if your outside don’t forget to wear your mask

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