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Two really good stories in the Globe, this weekend.

The first involves two young ladies, sisters, I think, who decided to buy a condo together, in Dorchester.

They were able to find something they both liked, for a fair price, in a good neighborhood.

A success story, all around.

Purchase price: $235,000, very little or zero down, free lawyer assistance, family gift for the down payment. Nice.

Now, some of you will say, yeah, but they had to live in Dorchester, near Fields Corner. You know what, they were both really happy with that. Really happy.

I have buyers right now, looking to spend under $240,000, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by what options they have. Condos in Dorchester (near JFK/UMASS), in East Boston, even a couple in Jamaica Plain. All over 700 square feet. More than enough room for two people (and a home business, too).

It IS possible.

The other story involves a couple of young women who weighed the pros and cons of buying vs. renting, and … decided to rent.

They were only 24 and 26, and they have plenty of time for commitments, later in life. It seems like they made the right decision. They wanted to be right in town, they wanted to have enough money to spend on vacations, etc. – and, more importantly, they were happy.

Complete stories: Young home hunters persist – By Emily Sweeney, The Boston Globe

Roommates stand pat – By Meredith Goldstein, The Boston Globe

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Updated: January 2018

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