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The evidence is all around you — neighbors and friends who believed these Boston condo myths and suffered financially for it. So why would you persist in thinking these three top myths are true? Please, for your own financial security and a good night’s sleep, believe what you read with your own eyes. These three (expensive, debilitating) myths about selling your Boston condo are simply not true.


We do not know how else to put this, since we have tried for years to quash this myth. If, by “sell my own home myself,” you mean you can find somebody willing to pay you cash for your Boston condo, then, yes, you can sell it yourself. You can also sell homemade lemonade on the sidewalk, but neither transaction will bring in the kind of money you expect, and both will produce a sour taste in your mouth.

Real estate agents and Realtors® provide local expertise. In the Boston area, my real estate agents transact more Boston condo sales in a month than most homeowners will in a lifetime. They have the skills and experience to get top dollar for your Boston high rise condo. They know the Boston real estate market, and can sell everything from a Boston condo foreclosure property to a Boston high rise penthouse condo.

What else do real estate agents bring to the table? Literally, to the table: top-notch negotiation skills. Your own career may never have prepared you for that chilling moment when you are seated across from sincere buyers seeking to knock thousands or tens of thousands of dollars off your selling price.

In the age of the Internet, unfortunately, a pioneer spirit of doing it yourself has inched into nearly every profession. In some cases the damage is minimal. In some cases, though — such as selling your Boston condo — the risk is very real.


Your friend’s cousin’s  spent thousands of dollars putting in a new bathrooms and hardwood floors, and his Boston condo sold in a snap. Great for him (unlikely, but … sure … great). This must  big repairs (and big repair bills) always come before a home sale. Smaller repairs that make a big visual impact will get your best return on investment (ROI).

Large renovations are unlikely to add tremendous value, or simply break even for you, with the sale of your condominium. An experienced real estate agent can point you toward the right choices..


If the real estate market truly only flourished when the flowers bloom, brokerages would sit idle for nine months a year. No one season or time is right or wrong to sell a Boston high rise condo. People need housing year round, even in the cold winters of Boston. Rather than focus on a season or trying to time the market, the smart home seller focuses on marketing.

Effective marketing means knowing who will be interested in your Boston condo for sale, and what price will entice. Effectively marketing your condominium does not involve putting up signs on telephone poles, for example, as though your Boston condo were a lost dog. By partnering with a real estate professional familiar with MLS, competing Boston condos for sale, and the local real estate market, you can be sure you home will get all the exposure and foot traffic you need to get the right price.

Now that you know these myths are merely illusions, avoid other traps. Contact the professionals at Ford Realty Inc today to partner with true professionals in the Boston condo selling market. Working with us, you are working with Boston real estate agent who knows the housing market and can help you overcome any challenge.

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