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We all love Boston because of its history.


Actually, not everyone.

Which makes it aggravating when I read something like this:

A plan to demolish a 1960 office tower by the influential architect Paul Rudolph threatens to pit a prominent developer backed by Mayor Thomas M. Menino against preservationists who see the building as a seminal example of midcentury Modernism.

On March 13 the Boston Landmarks Commission plans to consider Mr. Belkin’s application for a demolition permit for the Rudolph building, at 133 Federal Street, in the city’s financial district. The commission, whose jurisdiction covers all buildings in downtown Boston and in other neighborhoods more than 50 years old, can order a 90-day delay during which it can ask the applicant to consider alternatives to demolition.

Now, if you play the odds, you’d put your money on the Mayor, in this fight. I assume he’ll get what he wants, which is a 1,000-foot tower.

However, don’t rule out the preservationists, faceless as they may be.

Source: Another Building by a Noted Modernist Comes Under Threat, This Time in Boston – By David Hay, The New York Times

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