Anyone who’s tried using the Internet to rent a Boston apartment knows it’s a cesspool of scams and fake listings. But Kelly Kane found out that con artists are getting aggressive and vindictive. After she called out a would-be con artist on a fake ad, her cell phone number was plastered as the contact across hundreds of ads on Trulia, a real estate website recently acquired by Zillow. Kane’s phone was ringing off the hook for more than 24 hours before she was able to get the bogus listings pulled down.

Kane, who started actively looking for an apartment in Massachusetts after the ceiling in her current pad collapsed, didn’t need the extra frustration.

Kane spent enormous amount of time trying to reach Trulia, even Tweeting at the firm several times

Scams on real estate listings are nothing new, of course. Craigslist has been plagued with them for years, and Trulia’s own website contains multiple warnings about listings that take would-be renters or buyers for a ride.

Hassling consumers by posting their cell phone numbers on fake ads, effectively causing a denial of service attack on apartment-hunters’ phones, is a new level of cruel, however

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Updated March 2018



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