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Our long wait is over.

According to South End News, Upper Crust has found a home in the South End.

… [A] month after more than 20 South Enders helped shoot down a proposed Upper Crust restaurant on Tremont Street during an October hearing at city hall, the owner of the pizzeria – a South Ender himself – [has] secured another location on Tremont Street and has already begun renovations to space.

After the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) denied Jordan Tobin’s proposal to rezone the retail space at 631 Tremont St. for food use, Tobin was flooded with tips about possible locations, some of which weren’t even on the market yet. That included the former Kosmos Market and Deli at 683 Tremont St., where Tobin hopes to open up shop this spring.

The new location will be called the “Upper Crust Market” in order to skirt existing zoning regulations and will only serve pre-made food; the owner will go before the ZBA to allow the company to install a pizza oven, at some point.

I expect the local reaction to being positive; although the new location is only two blocks from the old, it’s on a more “urban” block, with less snooty neighbors.

The best line in the story? This one. But, I can’t figure it out though – is she being really clever … or what?

West Canton Street resident and frequent South End News photographic contributor Marlene Karas opposed the first location.

“It’s great as long as it’s not in my backyard,” she said. “It’s not impacting that block and it was prior. More power to them. We never had anything against Upper Crust. Our issue was density.”


Upper Crust finds a new home in the South End – By Justin Rice, South End News

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