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Apparently, it was a slow news day.

My blog, as well as other real estate blogs, were profiled in Sunday’s Boston Globe.

I felt it was a great article. There are some good blogs out there. It really helps buyers to have access to as much information as possible. Blogs written by agents, mortgage brokers, and others in the industry are very useful.

Brokers in Blogsville

It’s Friday morning and John Keith of the Boston Real Estate Blog is sitting on a nice scoop: A rental agency in town has been caught using a professional mailing list to try to poach agents from its competitors.

That’s a definite no-no, Keith explained in his post, titled “How to annoy just about everyone.”

Who cares? You might be surprised how many people do.

The blogs combine elements of standard Web pages and the age-old practice of journal writing, and they’re pulling back the curtains on an industry that many consumers don’t know much about.

No mere fad, the blogs are also changing the dynamics that have dominated home buying and selling for generations. They’ve allowed some agents to break away from large brokerages and turned knowledge and media savvy, rather than personal connections, into the coin of the realm for ambitious brokers.

Brokers in Blogsville – By Paul F Roberts, The Boston Globe

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