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The South End has become even more welcoming of new arrivals. Over the past half-decade, we’ve seen more and more families move into the neighborhood, even after having babies.

What will happen once these children reach school age?

Who knows. But, for now, the neighborhood is full of happy giggling children and happy parents.


From this week’s South End News:

Within the past few years, changes in the dining, cultural, and real estate scenes of the South End have been regularly reported, frequently celebrated, and occasionally maligned. And with that rising notoriety and housing stock, it seems, has come an influx of young parents.

“The South End keeps evolving,” said Joe DeAngelo, a realtor with Gibson Sotheby’s on Tremont Street. With that evolution, he said has seen an increase in the number of families choosing to raise kids in the neighborhood.

“With all the shopping, restaurants, and parks, we’re seeing more and more people who wouldn’t normally think of the South End as a convenient and vibrant community,” he said. “The diversity of my clients has absolutely changed… [the neighborhood] is safe and friendly, a place where you can take the dog out and baby out at the same time.”

The evidence is mainly anecdotal; census figures, which won’t be updated until 2010, are the only surefire way to measure the ages and family structure of residents by neighborhood.

Source: Mother of a revolution – By Scott Kearnan, The South End News

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