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How many of you already broke your goals about exercising or dieting?

Boston Real Estate Goals for 2021

I’ve been reviewing my business and life goals, and have consulted with about a dozen clients and friends who are planning renovations on their downtown Boston condo or are planning to purchase a larger Boston high rise cond. You may be one of those who might be thinking and wondering to go from a Beacon Hill apartment renter to a Beacon Hill condo owner.

Here are a few Boston real estate activities you may be considering for 2021, and what you can do now to make them happen:

Renovating or repairing your downtown Boston condo: 

Ready to spruce up that kitchen or bath? Perhaps paint the bedroom? Now is a good time to get references for professionals before you start, and then get in touch to schedule a consultation. Larger renovations need a plenty of lead time, and the good contractors, are in demand which means it’s important to get on the calendar early.

Transferring Boston real estate within your family: 

Do you have a Will or started a trust for you kids? If not now is the time to consult your estate attorney and your CPA if you need to take any action. And do that as soon as possible as tax laws are also changing.

Buying your first Boston condo for sale:

Priority number one is getting your financing in order so you know how much you can afford. Now is a good time to contact a mortgage lender and get preapproved for a loan. Let the lender run your credit, and submit all requested documentation. Your goal is to end up with a letter from the lender that specifies how much of a loan it will grant. You can then take next steps with your Realtor to see what inventory is available and within your price range.

Trading up to a new Boston high rise condo:

You may have outgrown your present downtown Boston condo, or have different needs now. Do you have to sell first home in order to buy? Can you swing what’s called a bridge loan, so you can buy first and sell after you move? It’s a good time to consult your Realtor and your mortgage lender. You’ll need to have a handle on your current home’s value, as well as how much your targeted new home will cost.

Moving from your longtime single-family home to a Boston condo

If you’re 55 or older and are aiming to downsize or move within Massachusetts this year, now is the time to get straight on the the property tax transfer rules.  It’s a great time to talk with your Realtor about your home’s value, and also get a referral to a great agent in the area to which you’re moving. You can then make a step-by-step, organized plan for making your move happen.

Boston Real Estate and the Bottom Line

Please feel free to contact me | 617.595.3712 if you’d like recommendations for the tradespeople and professionals you’ll need to achieve your goals this year.

I am also able to schedule a time to chat if you’re just starting to plan your home purchase or sale. This is all part of my job, and I am always happy to meet my readers (all three of you)

Boston Condos 2021