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What the Boston real estate broker isn’t telling you …

You’ve probably seen this as much as me…

You get a postcard in the mail from an agent in your area with a picture of a recently sold house and the sale price on it. You flip it over and read some copy about how this agent was able to sell this particular house for something like 20% over the asking price (or more if you’re near me).

Essentially, this agent is taking credit for the sale price of the Boston downtown condo


I get it. On the surface, maybe this is not such a bad strategy. I do understand how a great agent adds value to the sale price of a Beacon Hill or Back Bay condo for sale. The prepping, the staging, the photography, the marketing. It all creates a much better image and the story of a home that helps the offers come in higher.

But what about all the other factors?

What about sub-3% interest rates that make it practically a steal to borrow money right now?

What about the popular pricing strategy that starts with an absurdly low asking price to begin with?

Given all of this, what story is a Boston real estate agent really telling by taking credit for securing a sale that was vastly over the asking price?

The other side of the coin here is that agents are saying they are “responsible” for absurdly high housing prices. Prices that are driving people away from the region. Prices that are keeping a whole army of homeowners stuck in their starter Boston condominiums

As a homeowner, I’m not so sure that’s the story I want to hear.

Why can’t we just be honest in Boston real estate market about what an agent does and does not do?

You know this:

For every new listing, a good Boston real estate broker will go over a Boston condo for sale with a fine-toothed comb examining details that will attract or deter buyers. A good broker will know what to do to get your condo in top condition. They will read every offer with you.

These things represent value to sellers. 

Price is important, but it’s not the reason most people sell their homes. And while a home is in many cases the largest asset a person has, you know that its value is often immeasurable. 

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Boston Real Estate 2021


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