When under pressure in the Boston downtown real estate for sales business, it can get heated between the Seller and the listing broker, especially when personalities clash or a real estate sales deal isn’t going as planed or promised

The best thing you can do for yourself (and for others) is to end a relationship before it escalates to the point where you want to kill each other.

Here are some of the signs telling you that it’s time to call it quits:

  • Both of you vehemently disagree, are at opposite ends of the spectrum and believe you will never see eye-to-eye.
  • When you talk about the situation, your voice rises a notch or two in volume.
  • Unflattering adjectives precede the person’s name every time you talk about them.
  • Irrational thought processes begin to cloud your judgment.
  • You’ve made repeated requests that are ignored by the other party.
  • When the person’s name shows up on your cell phone, you send the call to voicemail.
  • When the broker wants to lower the price but recent sales comps show otherwise

The single most commonly heard complaint that Boston downtown real estate sellers voice about their agents is dissatisfaction with communication.

It can be very irritating to work with an agent who doesn’t promptly respond to voicemails, text messages or e-mails. If that happens to you, it might be time to fire the agent and hire somebody else. But first, lay it on the line. Tell your agent what you expect and ask your agent if it’s possible for the agent to perform in that manner.

How to Cancel Agreements/Contracts

So, you’ve determined that you’re fed up and want out. How do you do it? Legal issues aside, because this is not legal advice—the best way is by mutual consent. Do not enter into a contract in the first place if the other party will not mutually agree to a release if requested. You can ask about cancellation policies in the event of a dispute before entering into the contract.

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