Unless you do this stuff—ya know, buying and selling Boston Seaport condos—frequently, it may feel daunting each time you decide it’s time to make a move. My job is to make sure you feel like an expert, like you have—and understand—all the information possible so you can make the wisest decisions and get the most for your money, all along the way. Think of me as you coach and hopefully, I’ll be as successful to you as Bill Belicheck is to the Patriots.

Where do I start the process of selling my Boston condo?

Say you find yourself in a similar situation as one of my clients. She’s a busy stay-at-home mom with a husband that travels for work most of the time. She has to get her Boston downtown condo sold and buy another one practically all on her own. I happened to run into her at Whole Foods and she was frazzled.

“John, thank God you’re here!”… or something to that effect ;)… “I have to sell my Boston Beacon Hill condo and I’ve started a list, but where do I start?”

First step, take s deep breath and relax

So, I met her at her Beacon Hill condominium and together we walked through it; I taught her what buyers expect in this area and price point, and what appraisers and inspectors will be looking for. Then we came up with a prioritized project plan, or road map, for her to get her Beacon Hill home ready to sell and she’s now working the plan, step-by-step and feeling much calmer and like a pro.

Having worked on Beacon Hill for nearly 20 years, a valuable asset I offer to both buyers and sellers is the history and expertise I have of each neighborhood’s downtown condo market. I make it my business to know what the city is doing and how it impacts market values.

I pull of that together to provide you a long-term plan, a road map, to get your property ready for listing, and to prepare you for buying then moving.

So, to answer the question, ‘where do I start?’,

start by reaching out me and we can talk about your situation and what you want to achieve. Then, if you’re selling a Boston downtown condo or a Boston Seaport condo we’ll do a walk through and pre-inspection to create a road map for you to get ready to sell. While you’re working on that I’ll be working on a custom marketing plan to your specific target audience. And then we’ll be well on our way to getting your home on the market.

Do you have any helpful tips to share about getting ready to sell? General questions? Share them in the comment section.

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