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45 province street

Today, I received a call from a potential client asking me about 45 Province Street. The caller said he heard good reviews about the building and would like to find more information about these condos. The caller went on to say that when he was on the search portion of my blog he couldn’t find any 45 Province Street condos listed under “Midtown” or “Downtown Crossing”.

So here’s the scoop. When searching for 45 Province Street on this blog, you need to understand this: The sales representatives of 45 Province Street are required that their properties on MLS be listed as part of Beacon Hill, not under the neighborhoods of Midtown or Downtown Crossing. To confuse the situation even more, Boston has two multi-listing services, MLS and LINK. My blog uses MLS and some Boston real estate web sites use LINK. If you are on a real estate web site that uses LINK, the marketing team of 45 Province Street are required by LINK not to list the condos under the neighborhood of Beacon Hill but under the neighborhood of Midtown. Just the opposite of MLS.

If you are interested in viewing 45 Province Street condos, please give a call to my Beacon Hill office located on Charles Street at 617-595-3712, or if you think, 45 Province Street is located in Midtown, you can call me at my Midtown office located across from the Boston Common at 617-426-6616. Either way, I’ll make sure you can view these condos – the higher floors do have great views.

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