Rich people. Well, rich is relative, when it comes to real estate in Boston, right?

I was wondering, where are people buying, in the $1 million + range, these days?

Same old places (information courtesy of LINK, the online database used by most Boston Proper real estate agents).

One sale at Trinity Place. One at The Belvedere. Four at The Ritz Carlton. Three at One Charles.

They’ve put two units at 360 Newbury under the agreement, over the past three months, one for about $2 million and the other, a penthouse, for $2.95 million.

One unit went under at The InterContinental, at 500 Atlantic Ave (thank you).

And, one unit went under at 44 Prince Street, a small luxury development under construction in the North End.

(For comparison’s sake, it’s worth pointing out that for the three months ending March 17, 2005, there were 88 sales of properties over $1 million; for the three months ending March 17, 2006, there were 54 sales of properties over $1 million, a drop of 39%, according to LINK.)

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