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Clear Channel Entertainment announced that they will not be renewing their lease at the Wilbur Theater, according to Terry Byrne, in today’s Boston Herald.

It’s unclear what this means, at this point.  Perhaps the neighboring Wang Center will lease it.  The Wang rents out the Shubert, if I remember correctly.  Clear Channel will continue to lease the Colonial, the Charles Playhouse, and the Opera House.

I fear it will turn into a massive nightclub, or something.  Maybe Emerson will take it on, but why would they, since they already own the Cutler?

Apparently Clear Channel has had very little luck with the shows they’ve booked.  In one executive’s words, results were “commercially disasterous”.

Hidden away in the article was this tidbit:

The New England School of Law has purchased the building that houses Nick

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Updated: January 2018

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