Will there be a Boston real estate affordability uprise?

Last night, I was watching TV, like most of you, and saw the numerous unrest clips from several cities throughout the country, fortunately, Boston wasn’t one of them. However, I was thinking about another potential future conflict that could impact us – that being housing affordability.

Presently, Boston enjoys a rather mellow population but we undoubtedly have our concerns about the oppressed parties in America – but being physically farther away from the action makes it easier to witness, acknowledge, and then get back to our Coronavirus lives.

I think we all can agree that the actions of the Police Dept towards Mr. Floyd should have never happened.

As a result because of the actions of a few, revolutions will like what we witnessed on TV will continue.

How does this pertain to the Boston real estate market?

We have witnessed how the downtown Boston real estate sales market is only affordable for the affluent, and that there isn’t much being done for those of lesser means.  We used to only put the homeless/poor people in that category, but now the middle-class and above are finding to own a Boston condo for sale to be more unreachable every day.

What can Mayor Walsh and other Boston politicians do?

Well, for the crisis at hand, the Mayor will be conducting a social-distancing prayer meeting. which is all fine and good.

But we need to face out crisis which is coming down the road, that’s regarding Boston condo for sale affordability. Either we can create housing solutions in advance, or wait for the oppressed to rise up.

As a Boston real estate broker, I learned, that the coronavirus is exposing our weaknesses in the Beacon Hill apartment rentals and the overall Boston real estate economy. Let’s do something good with the opportunity we have to address, I think that can be even a greater upheaval that will include a much larger swath of the ethnic groups. The issues of being able to afford to live in Boston.

Boston real estate needs housing solutions 

What last night’s events showed us is that we all need to get more involved in the activities of the community. Boston has demonstrated that this can be done. A perfect example, how as a community we all began wearing masks, with the idea I’ll wear my mask to protect you. and you wear yours to protect me.

Likewise, with the current Boston real estate market, we need to get more involved as a community.  

Boston real estate ideas to avoid an uprise

  1. Encourage development grants to build lower-cost housing.
  2. Press local governments to upzone properties/areas where higher density would be a good fit.
  3. Create communities of mini-condos especially in college Boston neighborhoods.
  4. Lessen the restrictions on Boston condo developers, the time-frame to approve and to eventually break group is ridiculous.

The coronavirus is exposing our weaknesses.  Let’s do something good with the opportunity we have to prepare for what I think will be the nest major upheaval – housing affordability.

Boston real estate and the Botton Line

I don’t know what else I can do today besides writing this message, and to remind you of a quote I once heard:

The thing worse than rebellion is the thing that causes rebellion. - Frederick Douglass

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