Some highlights and thoughts of about Zillow and its impact on the Boston real estate market. More specifically is Zillow in a position to take out Boston real estate agents and dismantle the entire MLS system?

* The Zillow platform attracts more eyeballs than any othe website in the business.

* Consumers overwhelmingly believe that Zillow has built a better mouse trap than MLS and its subscribers.

* Zillow has built a huge business out of a lack of inovation from MLS and the real estate industry as whole.

* Attention Realtors and MLS, change is coming in 2018. The strong will adapt, survive and thrive. the weak, not so much. In the 20 plus years I’ve been in the Boston real estate business survival has always followed Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. The question is: Does Zillow follow the principles of evolution, or is it a revolution platform against the real estate industry? Does it make a difference?

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