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Zodiac Star Signs

Last night I saw this TV commercial that was pushing pills on how to have a better memory like Albert Einstein. 

From my experience, I always found storytelling the best method to remember Below is an example of what I mean.

For remembering the signs of the zodiac, and memory aid example for teaching mnemonics methods

This story is a mnemonic (pronounced ‘mnemonic’ – meaning memory aid) for remembering the twelve Signs of the Zodiac, in order, starting in January.

While this example is useful for pub quizzes, more importantly, the method of creating a story mnemonic can be used to retain all sorts of difficult-to-remember pieces of information, for yourself, and taught to others. Mnemonics stories need not make sense – they simply need to be memorable.

In January, a goat (Capricorn), drinking from a stream (Aquarius) said, “Look, a fish (Pisces).”

A ram (Aries), and a bull (Taurus), carrying the twins (Gemini) said “There’s also a crab (Cancer).”

A lion (Leo) roared in agreement, which startled the young maiden (Virgo) so that she dropped and smashed her scales (Libra).

“That’s no crab – it’s a scorpion (Scorpio),” said the archer (Sagittarius).

Note that the Signs of the Zodiac are normally deemed to start and end anything between the 18th and the 24th day of each month, depending on interpretation. It is not by any means a precise science.

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