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Mass. home sales soar again in October

It really is a recovery.

Single-family home and condo sales in Massachusetts continue to soar last month.

The evidence: the Warren Group’s October stats, showing a 21 percent surge in single-family home sales and a huge 48.8 percent boost in condo sales last month, compared to last year’s figures. The YTD sales increase for single-family homes is now 22.2 percent, according to Warren data.

Median prices continue to be relatively flat, for both homes and condos, indicating it’s still a relative buyer’s market, especially with interest rates so low.

An update — The Case-Shiller Price Index has more good news on the housing front: U.S. home prices are generally rising across the country, though not necessarily in the Boston area. Not that we need higher prices here. Housing is expensive enough as it is in Massachusetts. For now, we’ll take just the rise in actual sales, thank you.

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