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Oh! The stories Boston condo brokers hear

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Oh! The stories Boston condo brokers hear

Oh! The stories Boston condo brokers hear. A collection of Boston Seaport condo stories I’d like to share with you. Some of these stories have been in embellished.

Boston Seaport condo broker and the Cop

Boston Red Sox fan? Then please don’t read this

Real Estate broker’s personal maintenance and owning a house

A conversation with a female Seaport condo for sale broker

Story Seaport condo broker waiting for a client

Boston Seaport Sunrise

Boston condo for sale broker and Political mascots

Story about overselling

Story from a Seaport condo broker

A story about a Boston Seaport condo broker and business cards

Seaport condo broker lost in the mall parking garage

Story of a frustrated Seaport condo broker

Seaport condo agent and his mozzarella relationship

Boston condo broker visiting his parents


A South Boston brokers conversation with his son

Boston Seaport condo broker looking for golf equipment

Boston Seaport condo broker meets the doctor

Boston condo broker reading a recent Facebook ad

Why this Boston Seaport condo broker dislikes HGTV

Boston condo for sale broker and uncle Frank

Boston condo broker learns rules are rules

Story of a Boston Seaport condo broker ordering furniture


Boston Seaport Condo Broker: Open Mouth, Insert Foot

Boston condo brokers visit to New Hampshire

Boston Seaport condo broker late for work

Goodbye Boston Seaport condo view

Seaport condo brokers family short story

Seaport condo brokers family short story

Before heading off to his Seaport condo office, this Seaport condo broker first wanted to wash down his 2023 Mercedes. When he turned on the hose, he decided to turn the hose of his 4 year old daughter.

Sally his daughter. ran around, laughing and giggling has she was being sprayed. Unable to control her happiness she wiped her wet hair, “This is so much fun, Dad! How did you come up with it?

A Boston condo client recently lamented to one of my agents, “It may take a village to raise a child, but I swear it will take a vineyard to homeschool one.”

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