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The highest property taxes in the US

Boston real estate

Boston real estate

CNN Monay has a good chart, via the Tax Policy Center, on the highest property taxes by state and by county in the US.

The good news: Massachusetts isn’t No. 1. The bad news: It’s No. 7, as measured by mean dollars paid per housing unit.

Guess which New England state is ranked No. 2? New Hampshire. Sure, they don’t have a sales or income taxes in the Granite State. But they do have extremely high property taxes. The average rate in Massachusetts, for instance, is $3,805, while the average in N.H. is $5,230.

Who’s the worst? New York’s Westchester County at $9,647. New York and New Jersey generally seem to have the highest rates by far.

File under: Thank goodness for Proposition 2.5

Note: The entire Tax Policy Center study (pdf) can be found here. Screen-capture chart above via CNN Money; click on first link to get to CNN Money’s interactive map.