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Third time’s a charm.

In 2009, the Congress Group proposed converting the 100 Arlington Street mid-rise into office space. Later, it changed its plans, hoping to turn it into a hotel.

Now, they want to make it an apartment building, according to Greg Turner at the Boston Herald, who says that the Congress Group has partnered with Related Companies as developer. Related Companies, with Beal Companies, built the ultra-luxury – and uber-successful – Clarendon condo project / One Back Bay apartment complex a couple years ago.

A logical decision and probably a winning one, financially. Although I haven’t seen the inside, it looks to be the type of building that could be converted quite nicely. 100 Arlington has had many tenants over the years. More recently, it was a satellite campus to UMass Boston. Then, it was the Renaissance Charter School. The Congress Group purchased it several years ago when that school relocated to Hyde Park.

Bay Village neighbors may welcome the new proposal, but the issue of parking will need to be addressed.

*** Boston Curbed points out that the Boston Redevelopment Authority’s website states these will be “condos”, not apartments. Hmmm. What gives?

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Updated: January 2018

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