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How to determine a housing bubble. This is what you need to know

I’ve been selling Boston condos for sale since 1999, and writing about it since 2001. Each year I write an article like this one, to gauge the level of likelihood of an upcoming Boston downtown real estate market crash. The Boston condo for sale market, did bubble up in the past, but it didn’t crash, its very resilient.

Will it crash in 2023? In order to answer this question we will look at some economic fundamentals.

There are two fundamental questions we have to ask to determine if the Boston condo for sale market will crash in 2023 or not. The first is, how hard is it to buy a home? This question is answered by employment, wages, interest rates, and housing affordability

The second is, how hard is it to sell a home? This question is answered by inventory, home equity, population growth or decline, and the cost to sell a home. If all the answers to these questions are negative, then Boston condo price reductions are likely. If all of these questions are positive, a crash isn’t possible.