There’s an enormous project taking place in lower Manhattan.

The Deutsche Bank Building, at 130 Liberty Street, was damaged by debris falling from the collapsing Twin Towers, on September 11, 2001.  It needs to be taken down, so that a tower and a park can be built on the land.

Easy, you say, they can just blow it up (implode is the word).

No, they can’t.  The building “is riddled with a noxious stew including asbestos, dioxin and heavy metals that blew in from the collapsing Twin Towers”, according to the New York Post.

Instead, they’re going to take it down.  All forty stories of it.  Piece by piece.

Here is an awesome video of how the deconstruction will proceed: (click on the View 130 Liberty Deconstruction Animation link)

It’s cool how it’ll be done, but, god, I would find that kind of work insanely boring.

Story by way of the New York Post, by way of

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