Downtown Boston Real Estate Search for 2021


In the 25 plus years since I’ve been selling downtown Boston real estate, I’ve seen many changes in the Boston real estate market for both buyers and sellers.

2021 will be another year of advanced technology that will make it easier for Boston condo buyers. Look at the advancements we’ve made in the last decade.

The MLS has been programmed for years to automatically send new listings by email to prospective buyers – but now it’s widespread.  Every website offers auto-notifications, and buyers can set their own parameters/programs.

  •  Boston Real Estate  Electronic Signatures. 

By clicking a few spots on your phone, buyers are able to submit offers with great ease – and maybe too easy.

Ten to twenty high-res photos provide a quality experience of the home instantly – and buyers expect to make important decisions off the photography. Some crafty agents use youtube video tours!

Because the data is so available – Boston condo buyers get tired of reviewing it, and think they know enough. Their needs and wants to win purchase a downtown condo override comps, and they end up making price decisions accordingly. They must – look at some of the sales prices that bear no resemblance to recent sales nearby.


It is best that you and your listing agent are well aware of how fast the market works, and can take advantage of it.  Those who throw their listings onto the MLS, but then refuse to show the downtown Boston condo for days are doing themselves a great disservice – because buyers forget, and move on quickly.

Be ready to sell in the first few days, to get the best offers, and read the market signals correctly.  If you are getting multiple showings and offers in the first week, it’s going the way it should.  If you fight it, know that the urgency wears off after 7-10 days on the market, and you’ll be quite lonely.

Downtown Boston Real Estate Search for 2021