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I know most Boston condo buyers cringe when they hear that a listing they like has a high condo fee.  In 2018, which Boston luxury condo currently has the honor of the highest condo fee?  Today, I checked MLS for the highest condominium fees for properties that are on the market for sale.

Well, what would your reaction be if your agent told you that the condo fee for the property you liked the most was $10,000 a month? Would you suddenly feel your heart beating faster, become visibly red in the face? Would scream out, “Are you kidding me!”

After all, we are talking about $120,000 annual condo fees (the most of any condo currently on the market) Well, to have the previldge to pay the $10K a month condo fee, you’d first have to be able to afford the $7,800,000 condominium price tag that goes with it.

If the fee for the above Back Bay condo sounds a little too much and you aren’t in love with this luxury condo  building, you might want to consider 274 Beacon Street. This condo came up as the second most expensive condo fee for a property listed in Downtown Boston . This 6,000-square-foot condominium is being marketed for only $8 million and has a condominium fee of just $9,328.00 a month. This is a yearly total of $111,936, a savings of about $8,000 per year, compared to its higher neighbor.

For those looking to save money on condo fees, but want a luxury condo, you should visit 776 Boylston Street, with a condo fee of only  $6,555 per month. But there’s a catch, the asking price is $13,500,000.

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Updated: January 2018

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