I haven’t heard much about 360 Newbury, the luxury mid-rise conversion going on above the Virgin Records store, at the top of Newbury Street.

The listings aren’t in MLS, and I’ve never had a client interested in looking at it, I think mostly because of its location (congested) and limited appeal of living over commercial space. Either that, or it’s just off the radar, to most.

Funny how that happens sometimes, for no good reason.

I believe the developer has to renovate the buildiing in stages, due to existing office-space leases, so that may be why the marketing is not full-force at this time.

I found some prices on Laurel Acker‘s website. She makes it look like she’s marketing the building, although it’s actually listed with Otis & Ahearn. Not sure what’s going on, there.

So, what’s available at 360 Newbury?

1539 square feet, 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom, $1,365,000, with rental parking (that could be a big drawback, to some)

1391 square feet, 1-bedroom, 2-bathroom, $1,122,500, with street parking (HUH?)

847 square feet, 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom, $655,000, with street parking (HUH?)

The other issue is that they advertise these units as “lofts”. If they are actually “lofts” (with no separate bedrooms) then the units will be of limited appeal. If the units have separate bedrooms, they need to get rid of the “loft” language.

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Updated: January 2018

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