Last week, I had a client looking to buy in a property currently under construction. We took a look at three great projects, all within walking distance of one another, in the Back Bay / South End area.

45 Province is a 31-story mixed-use project with street level retail (including, most likely, at least one upscale restaurant), residential space on levels 7-31, a fitness club on levels 11-12, and an 8-level parking facility on levels 2-6, and 3 levels below grade. There is a four-seasons pool, as well.

The sales office is saying they have 25% of the units under contract. Not sure if that’s accurate, but seems realistic, to me.

They do come right out to say that they don’t think the project will sell out, prior to closing. They expect to be 60-65% sold when it opens.

That’s brave and the right thing to say (especially to an investor …) – A lot of people won’t buy something until it’s done.

I expect this will be a big success.

It seems as though the majority of units are two-bedroom or larger. The units are not small, and the price per square foot is fair.

You’ll need to spend close to $2 million to get Back Bay / Common views, but it would be worth it.

In fact, I think any side of the building on the 14th floor or above will have good to great views.

If you are looking to spend $1 million, you should check it out.

After you call me to be your agent, of course …

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Updated:  1st Q 2018

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