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Why should you buy your own Boston condo? Owning a Boston condo has many financial benefits. Lets look at the benefits of owning a Boston condominium:

  1. Owning a condominiums is a form of forced savings. Every time you make a mortgage payment a portion goes towards principle.
  2.  Home ownership has tax savings, even with President Trumps new tax bill.
  3. Owning a Boston condo locks in your monthly  housing costs unlike rent that can increase dramatically year to year.
  4. Buying a condo is cheaper than renting a condo.
  5. Purchasing a Boston condo is an investment you can live in.
  6. A Harvard study showed  that a home owner has a 44x greater wealth than that of someone renting.Back to Boston condos for sale homepage

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    Boston condos

    Boston condos for sale


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    Updated: December 2017

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