Neat little story about a great South End building, 9 Appleton Street.

The author skips over a little bit (having 7 Eleven as a downstairs neighbor is just never a plus), but if you can overlook that, living in this building can be pretty cool, it seems.

When the building at the corner of Berkeley and Appleton streets was converted to condominiums in 1982, the South End was a long way from being the hot city neighborhood for young professionals and empty nesters it is today.

A condo conversion was still considered a risky real estate move at the time, and adventurous suburbanites crossed Columbus Avenue for the tabbouleh at the old Red Fez and soul food at Bob the Chef’s rather than for gourmet dishes at four-star restaurants with valet parking.

A quarter of a century later, 9 Appleton St. sits in the shadow of high-end developments that have helped redefine the South End as a neighborhood of swank living. That has prompted the owners of the one-time Unitarian meeting house to embark on renovations that, when complete, will give new life to a building that has mirrored the various transformations of the South End for 150 years.

Complete article: A window on the neighborhood – Condo owners in 150-year South End fixture are renovating to keep up with surroundings – by Gail Ravgiala, The Boston Globe

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Updated: January 2018

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