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Hope you’re all well and making it through the turmoil caused by the coronavirus. This downtime sometimes brings boredom and anxious feelings.

There is much misinformation and also valid information to learn on a daily basis. The Downtown Boston real estate may or may not be on your mind right now.  However, we want to keep you updated anyway in case you wanted to know. First, none of us has a crystal ball as to what this will do to the Boston real estate market. Some say it will only stir pent-up demand after this settles down. Others say, it will make prices drop drastically. And some fall some where in between.

The Boston Condo for Sale Market

One thing is certain, this will have some affect on us and the Boston condo industry.  If nothing more it has interrupted the last few weeks, and will so moving forward, with the normal flow of showings. As a result, Ford Realty Inc. office have forwarded our main office phone line calls to our staff cell phones, and we’ll continue to work hard to service all of our clients. Yet our our current business model needed to adapt. Thus. we are prepared to complete virtual showings, virtual meetings and virtual appointments to accommodate to your needs  

Everyone is doing their part to ‘slow the curve’.  From everything we hear and are learning about this situation the most important thing it is to stay home and keep your distance from people for an extended period of time. Then, and only then, will we be able to get back to a more normal flow of life.

The longer it takes, obviously the worse for Boston real estate market and for the community.

We will be following the COVID 19 guidance from our government and trust that this great country will get through this as we have with all previous crisis. We believe in this country (and its leaders) to be the best in the world. We are a resilient nation.  And our Boston real estate market should follow suit with the strength of our country.

Boston Real Estate Buyers & Sellers

To our SELLERS and BUYERS – we are here for you and are actively monitoring and adjusting our services to serve you.  Although no one has navigated this before we are using the most up to date information available to ensure you have the best services for these times available.

Boston Real Estate for Sale & Bottom Line

As always, please contact us with any questions or if we can help in any way!  We trust you will be safe and healthy during these next few weeks/months.

The Ford Realty Inc., continues to be positive and will always display faith not fear.  Our hope is to be a faithful community so that others can follow and to be encouraged by. 

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The end of this pandemic may not be in sight yet, but what is clear is that we have the courage and stamina to beat this threat to our well being. We also have the resolve to rise above fear and to live as people of hope. As the old adage says, we don’t need to tell God how big the storm is, we need to tell the storm how big our God is! When we do this together, we are truly living as people of faith and not just talking about it. God Bless!

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